Working with me


Working with me is a partnership.  By helping you make simple changes to your diet and lifestyle, I aim to make you feel nourished, satisfied, energised, balanced and brimming with good health. I have worked in the Complementary Therapy field for over 25 years so optimising your health is approached on lots of different levels.

I offer face to face nutrition, lifestyle and wellbeing workshops from my clinic in Dunstable. I can also travel with these workshops (minimum of 5 people). Yoga and nutrition workshops.  Corporate and work place talks and events.

Menopause Workshops and Talks


Do you want to find out more how to optimise your health in the menopause?
Are you struggling with menopause symptoms, brain fog or weight gain?
Are you struggling to sleep, have too much stress or  are not sure which exercise is best?
Then why not come along to my Managing My Menopause  workshop?
The workshops are small face to face workshops, allowing everybody to share their menopause experiences and ask questions.
The workshop will cover
  • What happens in the menopause.
  • Foods and ways of eating to support the changing body and help optimise health.
  • Exercise to support the menopause.
  • The importance of managing stress and ways to do this.
  • The importance of sleep and how to optimise it.
  • Balancing hormones.
  • Common menopause symptoms/problems and how to help relieve them.
  • Ways to support the health in the post-menopause years.
You will receive a handout, hot and cold drinks and a full size supplement and samples to take home.
Dates: New workshops to be announced soon!

Cost: £45.00

If you have a group of 5 or more women and would like me to come to you, I am happy to travel. Please contact me for more details.

Comments from our previous workshops include:
“Perfect, really enjoyed it, was very helpful.”
“So informative, fun, enjoyable and well paced.”
“Very informative and relaxing/friendly.”
“Very informative, with lots of info I didn’t know.”



If your workplace is interested in hosting a talk or event to raise awareness and educate workers on the menopause. Whilst offering tips to menopausal women to optimise their health, then please get in touch. I am able to adapt talks to employers requirements.


I have been seeing Claire as I have been struggling with stress and weight management and her help has been invaluable.  She is extremely professional but caring at the same time and she goes out of her way to offer practical solutions but is careful not to overload you with information, but instead focusing on three or four key areas in each session, so that the changes you make are manageable and sustainable.  Claire’s knowledge is extremely in depth and detailed which instils great confidence.  The Zoom sessions have also worked well during lockdown, when it was not possible to have one-to-one meetings.  The meetings still feel very personal and thorough.  I would highly recommend Claire for any nutritional support that you may need, she is fantastic and has helped me so much!