Working with me


Working with me is a partnership. I want to get to know you and find out what you really want out of our time together. Working together, we can form a plan which is exclusively for you, making sure anything suggested is manageable. By helping you make simple changes to your diet and lifestyle, I aim to make you feel nourished, satisfied, energised, balanced and brimming with good health.

I offer online consultations, which allows me to work with people all over the UK, as well as internationally. I also work from my home clinic in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, offering a face to face consultation option.

Nutritional Therapy Programmes

For you to achieve optimum benefits I offer a 3 or 6 consultation package option.  They include:

  • Pre consultation analysis and research of your case.
  • An initial consultation (in person or by zoom call), where we will discuss your concerns in length and start to make diet and lifestyle changes, where appropriate.
  • Supplements and functional testing advice if appropriate. (You are under no obligation to take supplements or have tests).
  • A personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan after each consultation.
  • Three 15 minute support calls for a 3 consultation programme or six 15 minute support calls for a 6 consultation programme. These will be scheduled to your availability.
  • Monthly consultations thereafter, where prior to our consultation I will analyse your food and lifestyle diary and we will discuss your progress, making any necessary changes. We will also discuss additional recommendations and collaborate to make everything as manageable as possible, so you can receive the best results.

Hormone Balance Programme

This programme includes 3 consultations, 3 support calls and full email support during our time together.  Offering you a programme to help you navigate your way to balanced hormones and better health.


Hormone Balance Premium Programme

For those that need extra support, have more complex cases, or just want to take things a little slower this programme offers the ultimate in support. Offering 6 consultations, 6 support calls and full email support during our time together. Offering a programme to fully support you over a prolonged period, helping you balance your hormones, increase your energy and achieve optimal results. 


Hormone Balance Premium Testing Programme

For those that need extra support, have more complex cases or want to establish the root cause of their problems. This programme offers either 3 or 6 consultations,  with 3 or 6 support calls and full email support during our time together. Whilst also including testing options based on your specific symptoms. This can include hormone testing, gut testing, comprehensive thyroid testing or comprehensive blood tests.  If you really want to make a difference, this package offers protocols based on your personal test results, helping to balance your hormones, increase your energy and achieve optimal health in a targeted way. 

What to expect in a Nutritional Therapy Programme

Nutritional therapy programmes are one to one personalised sessions. Before the appointment I will email you a detailed health questionnaire and a 5 day diet and lifestyle diary. You should fill this in and send it back to me and I will review it prior to your first appointment.

Your initial consultation will last for 60-75 minutes, where we will take the time to get a thorough understanding of your case. During the consultation I will take a detailed case history, discussing current and past health issues, medication and any concerns you have. We will then talk through some dietary and lifestyle recommendations personalised to you.  If you have decided on the premium testing package your test/s will have been performed and analysed before your first consultation and we will discuss the results and tailor your plan to this.

After the consultation I will email a health plan with any dietary and lifestyle recommendations discussed and details of supplements or tests if recommended.

In between sessions I will arrange a 15 minute catch up call so we can discuss how you are getting on. This will give us the opportunity to work through any problems, make some small tweaks to the plan if necessary and celebrate any successes. You will also be able to contact me via email for additional help during our time together, if you have purchased a programme this will last for 4 weeks after your last consultation.

Prior to each appointment I will ask you to fill in a 5 day diet and lifestyle diary and return it to me before your appointment. In the consultation we will discuss how you have been getting on and review the diet and lifestyle diary, adding in additional dietary and lifestyle recommendations. In consultation there will be time to discuss the programme and answer any questions you may have. You will receive a health plan detailing any recommendations made after each consultation.

After your nutritional therapy programme has been completed you may wish to have more sessions. These sessions will be priced individually.

Payment can be made by credit or debit card via Stripe, BACS transfer or cash. Instalment payments are available.

I have been seeing Claire as I have been struggling with stress and weight management and her help has been invaluable.  She is extremely professional but caring at the same time and she goes out of her way to offer practical solutions but is careful not to overload you with information, but instead focusing on three or four key areas in each session, so that the changes you make are manageable and sustainable.  Claire’s knowledge is extremely in depth and detailed which instils great confidence.  The Zoom sessions have also worked well during lockdown, when it was not possible to have one-to-one meetings.  The meetings still feel very personal and thorough.  I would highly recommend Claire for any nutritional support that you may need, she is fantastic and has helped me so much!